Useful Links

The following websites have been invaluable during the course of my research. There is already a wealth of information online relating to tropical fish keeping. I would not know as much as I do today if it weren’t for others already sharing what they know. There are too many sites to mention here but many thanks go to

Specifically for information supplied on breeding Emperor Tetras.

Listing information on the lifespans of most tropical fish.

Specifically for the information relating to the care and breeding of the Blue Emperor Tetra.

Their information on the Assassin snail was very helpful.

Very useful information here on cycling an aquarium.

Information on water hardness and measuring.

Both sites above provided excellent information on breeding Neon Tetras.

A fantastic in depth article on spawning and raising of Tetras, Rasbora and Barbs.


I have found eBay shops invaluable in sourcing aquarium products as there is no local fish shop here so products must be bought online. Here are some of my favourite shops and sellers. Many thanks to


I would love to purchase fish from the supplier below but as yet have not done so.

This shop sells live tropical fish and has good feedback.



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