Platy “Xiphophorus maculates”


  • Maximum size 6 centimetres
  • Temperature range 18–25  °C
  • Prefers hard water.
  • Lifespan 3–5 years

These fish originate from North and Central America from Veracruz, Mexico to northern Belize.

They come in a variety of colours and combinations, ranging from black and white, red and black, orange, yellow, blue and red. The males have a gonopodium where their anal fin should be and their caudal fin tends to be more pointed. Females have a fan shaped anal fin and are slightly larger in size, they are easy to distinguish once mature and pregnant as they have a dark area on their abdomen where the live fry are.

They are peaceful in nature and a good community fish.

They are omnivores enjoying a wide range of foods such as flake food, bloodworms, daphnia and brine shrimp.

They like planted tanks with lots of  swimming space.

Breeding is exceptionally easy in the home aquarium. They are prolific Live bearers and will commonly produce broods between 20 and 40 on a regular basis. The fry are very easy to raise as well fed parents do not tend to eat them. The fry reach maturity around 3 or 4 months later.




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