Guppy “Poecilia reticulate”


Young Male Guppy

  • Maximum size 2.5–6 cm
  • Temperature range 20–27 °C
  • Prefers hard water.
  • Lifespan 3–5 years

These fish originate from Brazil and Venezuela

The males are extremely colourful  with long flowing caudal and dorsal fins, they also have

Guppy showing off his long flowing caudal and dorsal fins

Guppy showing off his long flowing caudal and dorsal fins

a gonopodium which is a stick like anal fin that has developed into a reproduction organ. There are many different colour varieties and patterns. Yellow, red and blue are the dominant colours in my aquarium. They can boast spots, stripes or blocks of colour running down the entire body in males but more likely just to be on the fins in females. Females tend to be mostly silver coloured with slightly coloured shorter fins and are much larger in size.

They are peaceful in nature and best kept in groups of five or more as they tend to be a

Male Guppy

Male Guppy

shoaling fish but occasionally fin nipping will be exhibited. They are a great community fish but should not be kept with larger Angel Fish as they will prey on them.

They are omnivores enjoying a wide range of foods such as flake food, bloodworms, daphnia and brine shrimp.

They like planted tanks with lots of  swimming space.

Breeding is exceptionally easy in the home aquarium. They are Live bearers and will

Guppy fry next to young female Guppy

Guppy fry next to young female Guppy

commonly produce broods of between 5 and 30 fry on a monthly basis. The fry are fairly easy to raise provided they have enough plant cover to hide in. The fry reach maturity around 3 or 4 months later.




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