Assassin Snail

Assassin Snail “Clea Helena”

  • Maximum size 2 centimetres
  • Temperature range 22–27 °C
  • Prefers slightly hard water.
  • Lifespan 2–5 years


These snails originate from South East Asia in  Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Their colouring is typically brown and yellow striped shells with a grey green body. They have a conical, spiral shaped shell.

They are carnivorous enjoying a diet of worms, gastropods and other types of snail.

Breeding is nowhere near as prolific as many pest snails, mating can take up to several hours and they are difficult to sex so it is best to acquire large groups of them if you wish to breed them.

They are commonly used to control nuisance outbreaks of smaller snails in the aquarium.



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