Angelfish “Pterophyllum”

  • Maximum size 30cm tall and 15cm wide
  • Temperature range 24–30 °C
  • Prefers slightly acidic water.
  • Lifespan over 10 years


These fish originate from Amazon river basin in Peru, Colombia and Brazil in South America.

They come in a variety of different colour combinations and patterns, ranging from silver, black, red, gold, orange and white, marbled or striped.

They are omnivores enjoying a wide range of foods such as flake food, brine shrimp and live foods. They will eat smaller tank mates if they are not well fed.

They like a planted aquarium and bogwood helps darken the water and simulate their natural habitat.

Angelfish form long term monogamous pairs. They are mature from 6  months to over a year and they are difficult to sex until they are almost ready to breed.

Breeding is said to be fairly easy in the home aquarium. They are egg layers and will spawn anywhere from 100 to 1200 eggs. The pair take turns in caring for the eggs ensuring lots of water circulation by swimming very close to them and fanning them with their fins. The eggs will hatch a few days later and will become free swimming about a week later.

The fry can be fed micro worms, flake or brine shrimp.


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