The new aquarium has arrived

The new 250 L aquarium arrived three days ago. Many thanks to my Dad who built the flat pack base for it.¬†The thought of such a task had me in a panic. It was very large and heavy and exceeded my expectations in size. It took both of us to lift it onto it’s stand and my daughter and I started filling it almost immediately. It is still just slightly more than half full of water.

I added all the gravel I put aside for it but bought another¬†5 kg yesterday as it needs a little Fishtankeditmore. I will purchase lots of aquatic plants for it but have discovered it is so large that I cannot reach the bottom of it. The tank itself is around half my height and on it’s stand it reaches above my shoulder so it is going to take some initiative when it comes to planting it. It is possibly the most exciting development in my fish keeping journey to date.

The top tray filter system had me very confused, not only had I never used one before but it came with no instructions. I have set it up as best I can, finding a picture of very vague instructions somebody got with it in a fish related forum. I believe I need the water level a bit higher for it to function properly. I spent half the day yesterday attempting to assemble it and just hope I have done so correctly. Today I added some water conditioner to it although possibly didn’t need to as I intend to cycle it using aquatic plants for some time before I add any tropical fish.

I finally have the tank of my dreams and am really looking forward to seeing it planted and occupied with fish. I will need to draw on all my patience as a new set up this large will take some time to cycle and become stable enough for fish. It has just brought my hobby to a whole new level and will bring challenges and new learning opportunities my way. I haven’t stopped smiling since it came through the door.