Neon Tetra Fatality

Sadly I awoke to discover that my male Neon Tetra had not made it through the night, I had moved him to the larger better established tank but despite all my best efforts to save him he didn’t recover. This fatality changes things for me, as left with only one Neon Tetra remaining I will be unable to breed them unless I purchase more and grow them to maturity in the right conditions. I have learned from this experience and this fatality was more than likely down to my intervention in adjusting the water parameters to create better breeding conditions. Tetras are very susceptible to sudden water changes and the dropping pH and changing water conditions would have been a major factor in the cause of his death.

I have since removed the female Neon Tetra from the breeding tank and placed her in one of my larger tanks along with my Bristlenose, Guppies and Platys. She has no companions of the same species now and as they are a shoaling species this will not be good for her. I really want to purchase more Neon Tetras so that she will at least have some company again and I will again have the possibility of breeding them.