Let the spawning begin

The breeding tank was set up again with the arrival of the new heater. There have been a few changes this time, mainly the introduction of peat to help lower the hardness and pH of the water. The live brine shrimp food source is a new development that will help condition my breeding pair. I used mostly conditioned tap water this time as the parameters seemed better than the boiled. Some boiled water was added with the peat though as I boiled the peat first so that it would sink and form part of the substrate.

The peat has made the water nice and dark giving it a yellow brown tint. My Tetras have been fed a little live brine shrimp and seem to be adjusting to the breeding tank. They are not overly active at the moment but have darted around each other a little over the course of the day. The temperature of their tank is 24°C. I now have a bucket outside in the garden to collect rain water for water changes as rain water will better suit the parameters for my breeding tank. It is also readily available here.