Learning to hatch Brine shrimp

If I do have Neon Tetra eggs that could produce fry the difficulty will be in providing them with enough microscopic food to grow them. There will already be some present in the breeding tank but it will not be enough for several days. I have ordered an infusoria culture and kit to help with this but as soon as they are big enough most breeders recommend feeding them newly hatched Brineshrimp or”Artemia” as it is called. An order of Artemia eggs and salt mix should be on it’s way now. I could have bought them already hatched suspended in water and was tempted to do so but would like to learn how to hatch them myself. They are a fantastic first food for fry and my other adult fish will love them too if I manage to grow some on a little.

It is possible to get a hatching kit that includes everything but the air pump, again tempting but discovered many people use homemade kits using an old plastic drinks bottle. As I am all for recycling and saving money wherever possible I have decided to give it a go. So I will need to thoroughly rinse and disinfect a drinks bottle. I will then place the egg and salt mix inside and top it up with water and place an airline in attached to the pump only,(I read no airstones several times in the course of my research). The bottle will need to be left in the sun or near a heater and light for a day, as they need heat and light to hatch.They should hatch after about a day, it can be done faster at a higher temperature. Growing the Artemia to a large enough size for the adult fish to relish will be the tricky part, like the fry they need clean water and microscopic nutrients to grow them on.

So I am about to embark on yet another experiment. The live food produced will help condition my adult fish for breeding and feed any fry I may have been lucky enough to hatch. Wish me luck.