Eradicating snails

Another eventful day has passed for my fish. The remaining inhabitants in the 60 L community tank were moved to the other 60 L tank as they had been sharing their home with too many snails. It took some time to capture them and the Emperor Tetras were far superior in terms of evading the net but eventually all of the remaining Platys, Guppies, Otos and Emperor Tetras were placed in the tank with all my other fish so that I could get to work on the snail infested tank once again. A mishap with the filter resulted in the fatality of an Oto much to my horror which brings their number down to two remaining.

After removing the fish from the tank I began by rinsing the filter sponge in the water and removing the filter, heater, LED lights and air stone. All of which with the exception of the filter sponge were placed in a bleach solution and scrubbed clean to remove any snail spawn. They were then placed in a small tank with conditioned tap water to remove the chlorine. The gravel was taken out and boiled for at least half an hour possibly longer and rinsed well with tap water. The tank and lid including the light fixture were all scrubbed down with a strong bleach solution.

It has been a lot of work just to remove a few snails but they are prolific breeders and infestations are a real nuisance to get rid of in my smaller tanks. I dread to think how difficult it would be if they spread to my larger tank. I am confident that all the hard work will have paid off. Now I need to keep a close watch on the  60 L tank I transferred my fish into as I could have easily introduced snail spawn at the same time. Although the tank appears to be clear at the moment within a few days more snails could appear in there. If they do the process may well need to be repeated as soon as I have another tank stable enough to transfer the fish to. The 60 L tank that has just been overhauled will be set up and cycled again to use as a quarantine tank.