Bristlenose catfish moves home

Well my Bristlenose was captured earlier and placed in the tank that suffered the algae bloom. Admittedly it does look a little tidier now most of the hair algae has been removed but the glass sides were thick with green algae also. My Bristlenose has a veritable feast growing on the sides of the tank and he has immediately set to work happily grazing away on it. I have left my Otos in the other tank but it also has a snail population that is helping to keep that clean and clear.

I would like to temporarily house all my Guppies and Platys in the tank with the Bristlenose but they are proving difficult to catch in the better established tank. There are plenty of plants and hiding places for them to evade capture in. There are still a good number already keeping the Bristlenose company but it would be nice to have the more mature established tank as my Tetra and Oto tank again. Having said that there are so many Guppies and Platys at the moment due to prolific breeding that it is perhaps better balanced just now leaving some in with the Tetras and Otos.