Brine Shrimp

Although hatching the brine shrimp eggs was a success and I had live food to feed my fish for a few days, growing them on has not been so easy. It was the first time I had attempted this so am quite certain I made more than a few mistakes. The first thing I did was to place them in a plastic tank with fresh water and bicarbonate of soda without enough salt. I did add the salt a little later but the fresh water would not have been good for my Nauplii. I did not heat the plastic tank but hoped they would grow on at room temperature, nor did I light it artificially, I merely left it in front of my south facing window with an airline running in the hope that it would get enough natural daylight and warmth. I fed them tiny amounts of spirulina powder but did not do water changes as the Nauplii were so tiny I was worried about how to do this without extracting them from the tank at the same time.

Today I noticed there wasn’t the same evidence of orange shoaling movement towards the light and when scooping out cups of water it seemed a lot of debris fell to the bottom of the cup and I found it difficult to find one tiny swimming brine shrimp among it. I believe the water quality may have been responsible for many of them not surviving which in turn will have polluted their water even more. It is possible that the heat and light were also more crucial to their survival than I believed.

I still have my pair of Neon Tetras in my breeding tank and wanted to condition them on live food only but as I no longer have a live food source readily available it will be another two days before I can successfully hatch more Nauplii for them. I believe it is time to get another hatch going again and perhaps this time if I make some changes I will successfully grow some on to a slightly larger size.