Brine shrimp hatching a success

The Brine shrimp hatched successfully. It took two days immersed in water at a temperature of 28 C under a bright light in a plastic drinks bottle with an air line.

They have not lasted long as I harvested most of them immediately to feed the fish in my community tank. Even the larger mature Platys and Guppies hoovered up the tasty snack. I had thought they may be too small for the larger fish to be interested in them but they all loved the tiny live food.

The remainder have been placed in the plastic water change tank with an air line and a tiny amount of bicarbonate of soda. I am hoping to grow some of them on to maturity using Spirulina powder as a food source.

If this experiment is unsuccessful I can always hatch more Brine shrimp and try again until I produce a constant live food source for the fish.