Breeding the Neon Tetra

My pair of Neon Tetras are now in the overcrowded community tank with all of my other fish. I need to start again with the Tetra community tank after the mishap with my Emperor Tetra and will probably place some Platys in there first to help cycle it properly before putting the Tetras and Otos back in it. The Platys seem a bit hardier and more resilient.

I removed the cover over the breeding tank this morning like I have every morning for the last four days, allowing the natural daylight in through the front of the tank. The female Neon Tetra hasn’t been very active over the last couple of days. The Male was still circling her every now and then but not chasing her. I was worried that their inactivity was down to a lack of food so I placed a small amount of flake food in the tank. I am now regretting this because it is likely to rot and affect the water quality. I noticed that the female was trying to eat the food that had fallen to the tank floor but that the male wouldn’t let her. It seemed like he was attacking her. I decided a move to the more mature community tank would do them both good and placed them in there.

I tried to examine the breeding tank quite closely bearing in mind it’s quite dark just now even with a little daylight getting into it. To my surprise I saw what could potentially be eggs on the gravel in the spot where I had observed the female hovering. They were tiny and barely noticeable. I immediately covered the tank again hoping that it really is Neon Tetra eggs but all to aware that it could turn out to be snail spawn or food waste or some other microscopic form of life. I cannot allow myself to get too excited about it just now having been disappointed so often in the past. The light that I allowed in earlier in the day and the flake food could seriously affect their viability if they really are eggs. It’s now just a waiting game. The mystery of the small specs in the gravel will reveal itself in the fullness of time. If I am to have any success at all I must be patient and allow the tank to remain in complete darkness for a few days. If it does turn out to be tiny snails I can always try again after they have been eradicated.