Breeding the Neon Tetra

Day 3 of Inducing Spawning

It is perhaps time to see this experiment as yet another failed attempt. My Neon Tetras have been in their breeding tank for 3 days now. I have added very little food as I wanted to keep the breeding tank free of rotting waste for any fry that may appear. The tank has no filter but partial water changes have been performed daily and still there is nothing to get really excited about. The real question is “what do I do now?”. Do I leave them in the breeding tank but introduce the peat, charcoal and sponge filter along with some food or do I place them in my currently overcrowded community tank and leave the breeding tank to mature a little more with the prospect of trying again in a couple of weeks time.

At the moment the female tetra is hovering above the Java Moss in one place. The male whose colouring seems darker than usual (almost royal blue as opposed to the turquoise stripe in the female) is still swimming around the tank and occasionally disturbing her. Is this part of the normal spawning cycle or are my fish stressed and unlikely to do so.

Any advice or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.