Algae bloom

Having noticed a bloom of hair algae in one of my 60 L tanks, this morning was spent doing a partial water change in that tank and also my breeding tank. I believed that high nitrate and light levels were responsible for the algae as I had forgotten to switch the lights off overnight a couple of nights ago. I used test strips in both that tank and the breeding tank. I expected to find a high nitrate level in the larger tank but it was not overly high, the test just indicated that it was present. I then removed all the plants from the tank and painstakingly removed the algae by hand, trimming choked leaves, stems and roots off them at the same time.

My algae eaters don’t tend to feast on the hair algae as they prefer to graze off the kind that grows on the glass sides of the tank but all my algae eaters are in the other tank just now. I am considering moving my bristlenose or ottos to the problem tank to help clean the glass. The algae bloom was a nuisance as it was choking my aquatic plants and hindering their growth. I did read somewhere that a peroxide dip would kill the algae without damaging my plants too much. As I would have to buy the peroxide first, I have just done the best I could without it. It may be worth a try at a later stage though. I also read that bleach will kill snail eggs and not just adult snails. I don’t want them in my larger tank so that also may be worth trying. Everything would have to be treated with water conditioner afterwards before being placed back in the tank as the bleach would also kill my fish.

The pH in the breeding tank was quite low which prompted me to do a partial water change with tap water in an attempt to raise it slightly. The test strip results for that tank looked quite good though. I have been feeding the Tetras a little from sachets of Tetra Delica which is foods such as brine shrimp, blood worm and daphnia suspended in red jelly. The other fish have been getting the remainder of this combined with flake food since the source of fresh Nauplii ran out. I have not started another batch of brine shrimp for them yet but will start that very soon.