The aim of the Aquaria Mania website is to share information, research, experience and surplus tropical fish with other tropical fish enthusiasts.

It will describe my Journey as a novice fish keeper over the last five years and document what I have learned from my successes and failures as an amateur hobbyist.

I have spent a huge amount of time online searching for information and researching the fish I have and others I would like to acquire. I thought it may be helpful to put this information combined with my own observations in one place online. My community aquariums have developed over the years specifically choosing species of tropical fish most suited to small home aquariums as I started off very small scale. Coincidentally all of my current fish come from South America, they are very colourful and interesting, providing me with years of enjoyment and investigation.

I have included a Fish Keeping Posts page which is really just my blog keeping everyone updated with my personal news and developments in this area.

We have been so successful breeding our live bearing fish that we would love to sell some locally so please get in touch if you are interested. The fish are listed in Tropical Fish Sale.

I have collated the information and research that I have gathered in several pages under the Information Guide and Tropical Fish Fact Sheets. The fact sheets will allow you to access information on all of the fish we currently keep and hope to acquire. The information guide will provide you with some basic information on setting up an aquarium, the nitrogen cycle, fish anatomy and health.

I have listed my current projects and future goals under Projects. This page should give you an idea of the maintenance, effort and costs involved.


Editor of Aquaria Mania Tropical Fish Hobbyist since 2008

Editor of Aquaria Mania
Tropical Fish Hobbyist since 2008

Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at my website. My name is Denise Munro and I have been keeping tropical fish for just over five years now. I am still very much a novice and learning about my hobby all the time.

Any comments, advice or feedback you can give will be most welcome.




A big thank you to my brother Stiofan for the web hosting and advice on this site.

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